Hemet Nesingwary: Addie’s one heck of a writer, but I’ve never seen her hold a rifle. She’s keen on learning how to hunt, but who’s ever heard of a gnome hunter? You seem to have a knack dealin’ with amateurs, so maybe you’d be willin’ to let the gnome tag along on a hunt? She could learn a thing or two by shadowing someone with your skill. Ya best start off with some small game. We don’t want the lass to get discouraged.

hemet nesingwary


Quest Objectives

Help Addie learn to hunt by killing wildlife in Pinerock Basin.

A Hunter at Heart



Laeni Silvershot: Are we taking bets on how long the gnome lasts?

Ellias: I’ll wager a good amount of gold that she’ll shoot (name) before she shoots her target!

Addie Fizzlebog: Hemet asked you to teach me how to hunt? I’m glad you’re up for the job. There’s a lot I need to learn, but I think I know which end of the rifle to shoot with…

(Let’s go hunting!)


Speak with Addie: 1/1


Addie Fizzlebog: This is pretty much the best day ever! This is so exciting!

Addie Fizzlebog: Do rifles always have this much recoil?

Addie Fizzlebog: That was a wild shot! You’re okay, right?

Addie Fizzlebog: You make it look so easy!

Addie Fizzlebog: I think I’m getting the hang of it!

Addie Fizzlebog: Let’s keep hunting!

Addie Fizzlebog: Learning to hunt is a dream come true.

Addie Fizzlebog: I’m feeling a bit more comfortable with my rifle.

Addie Fizzlebog: Don’t worry, I can talk and shoot at the same time!

Addie Fizzlebog: I think we make a pretty good team.

Addie Fizzlebog: Let’s keep hunting!

Addie Fizzlebog: I don’t think I missed a single shot!

Addie Fizzlebog: You can’t beat the thrill of hunting something ten times your size!

Addie Fizzlebog: I could do this with my eyes closed! But don’t worry, I won’t.

Addie Fizzlebog: Should we take a S.E.L.F.I.E.?

Addie Fizzlebog: On to the next one!

Addie Fizzlebog: I don’t think Hemet himself could’ve taught me better. Hopefully he’ll be impressed with my progress.



Hemet Nesingwary: You haven’t got any holes in ya. I guess that means Addie’s aim isn’t as bad as I thought!

A Hunter at Heart


Highmountain Quests - Alliance
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Quests Not Tied to Achievement Below
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Hemet Nesingwary
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4. Lion Stalkin'11. Procuring a Prototype
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7. A Hunter at Heart'
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D.E.H.T.A. - Murky Adventure (BlizzHeroes)
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Mucksnout Den - Waist or Trinket iLvl 750
1. Shiny, but Deadly
2. The Soulkeeper's Fate
3. Demon Detainment
Stonedark Grotto | Highmountain -- (Bracer or Belt Reward)
1. You Lift, Brul?3. Deep in the Cavern
2. Stonedark Relics4. GUHRUHLRUHLRUH


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