Treasures of Deathwing | Highmountain

Brann Bronzebeard: Well now, you have been turnin’ quite a lot of heads lately amongst the Explorer’s League.
Ol’ Ebonhorn here seemed to know who I was and asked fer me to come help ya on this next journey. I hope ya don’t mind but I dusted off me ol’ Talas here. I heard there were ettins involved and figured we could use us some heavy metal.


Brann Bronzebeard: Neltharion’s Vault? Well why didn’t that spiritwalker just say so? When we were jumpin’ into the cavern I thought I saw a chamber up high that might have what we are after. Have a look around this place while I see if I can’t find a way up.

Treasures of Deathwing


Quest Objectives

Defend Brann Bronzebeard.


Rewards: Ring or Gauntlet


High Chieftains | Highmountain

Spiritwalker Ebonhorn: The greatest time scar of all is just ahead. Khaz’goroth was the titan who shaped the world. Using his hammer against Deathwing, the aspect of earth, had dire consequences. Go, speak with Huln and witness the reason why the name “Highmountain” is feared amongst dragons to this day. Mayla and Baine have already ventured ahead.

spiritwalker ebonhorn


Quest Objectives

Find and aid the spirit of Huln Highmountain.


In Defiance of Deathwing | Highmountain

Spiritwalker Ebonhorn: It was in this palce ages ago that Huln Highmountain challenged the great Deathwing. The power wielded in that battle was so great it left scars in time itself, much like the ones you saw on our way in here. Echoes of those here on that fateful day still drift forward, sharing their story with us today. But be careful exploring these scars, for the echoes might get a glimpse of you. And they are still quite dangerous.



Quest Objectives

Investigate 3 Time Scars.


The Path of Huln | Highmountain

Baine Bloodhoof: Greetings champion. We are dangerously low on allies in this land and the Highmountain tribe is the only tribe in known tauren history to lock horns with the Burning Legion. I am here to lend whatever aid they need so that they can unite under the same totem once again and join us in the fight against the Legion.



Sunwalker Dezco: The High Chieftain asked for me to join him in this negotiation. The Highmountain tribe is spoken of in our legends and remembered with reverence. It was important that we show respect for such an ancient tribe.



Roanauk Icemist: It has been many years since my people swore our loyalty to the Horde. The Horde aided my people in our time of need, and I am here to speak well of that accord. The Highmountain tribe is known even to us in the North, and respect must be paid.



The Path of Huln

Spiritwalker Ebonhorn: Armies are vital to the success of a war. But so are symbols. For our people, few things make for a better symbol than the blessings of our most eldest ancestors. Mayla must walk the Path of Huln. The path is dangerous, and she may only bring three people with her: a spiritwalker, a chieftain, and a champion. Baine has agreed to be the chieftain, will you be the champion?



Quest Objectives

Follow Spiritwalker Ebonhorn on the Path of Huln.


Stonedark Relics | Highmountain

Damrul the Stronk: The murlocs managed to steal some of our sacred relics and carry them down into the lower cavern. While we warm up, do you think you could go find them?

Stonedark Relics


Quest Objectives

Recover the Chain of Resistance, Wheel of Fortitude, and Rod of Bearing.


Demon Detainment | Highmountain

Apprentice Rosalyn: The demons that escaped must be detained. Killing them is not an option. Uriah was entrusted to deliver the prisoners to Allari for interrogation, and I will nto let him fail. I’ve seen Uriah trap many demons. It seems… complicated, but I think I can pull it off. I’ll just need to subdue them first.

Demon Detainment


Quest Objectives

Weaken demons so Apprentice Rosalyn can trap them within a soul chamber.

Rewards: Trinket or Waist (iLevel 750)


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