Bluewax Gatekeeper: You no come in yet! Give orders to other kobold on Throne of Ordering Around if you want in, then maybe we talk.

Candle of Command


Quest Objectives

Sit upon the Throne of Ordering Around and give orders to kobolds that approach.




Intern Jackie: You boss around and I help!

Sit on the Throne of Ordering Around: 1/1


Snazzle Shinyfinder: I just in time for job!

Intern Jackie: Snazzle good worker. I pick just for you.


Snazzle Shinyfinder: What you want me find? Me have shovel!


(Pilfer golden coins from graves within the nearby burial grounds.)


Snazzle Shinyfinder: Boss make up words? No understand.


(Go find shiny! Dig dirt in dead place.)


Collection quest given: 1/1



Intern Jackie: This one has dull mind, but sharp chisel.


Trytooth Hardchisel: You need kill? My chisel axe best in sharpness ever!


(Slay the strongest basilisk that roams these caverns and drag its lifeless corpse to my feet!)


Trytooth Hardchisel: Boss ok? Boss hit head and talk weird?


(You kill basilisk! Biggest in cave! Bring back!)


Trytooth Hardchisel: I poke it dead for you, boss!


Kill quest given: 1/1



Intern Jackie: Too slow! Boss not have all day.


Kindle Candlecrafter: Move too fast, candle blow out. Darkness eat me! What you want me do? Can wax off extra hairs? Make drip bath? Check ears for waxes?


(Use the finest wax to craft a magical candle, worthy of the Candleking.)

Kindle Candlecrafter: Wax what? Boss talk gibberish.


(Make big candle! Lots of wax!)


Candle quest given: 1/1



Dug Digger: You pick best digger!


Intern Jackie: Dug not best. Dug good enough though.


Dug Digger: I mine! You no take pickaxe! Where you want rocks dug? Want me metals? Pick a little dull.


(Use your pickaxe to mine precious metals from the richest vein in the cavern, and bring the samples back to me.)


Dug Digger: Boss no sound like kobold.


(Dig rocks, find pretties! More pretty is better.)


Dug Digger: You do good! Boss is the bossiest.


Mining quest given: 1/1



Intern Jackie: I keep chair warm while boss gone.



Bluewax Gatekeeper: What you doing back so soon?


Candle of Command


Highmountain Quests - Alliance
1. The Lone Mountain4. The Drogbar
2. Keepers of the Hammer5. Dargrul and the Hammer
3. Grasp of the Underking
1. Get to High Ground4. Wrathshard
2. A New Chieftain5. A Sundered Tribe
3. No Time To Talk
1. The Skyhorn Tribe5. Assaulting the Haglands
2. Nursing the Wounds6. The Witchqueen
3. Rocs vs Eagles7. The Skies of Highmountain
4. The Three
1. The Rivermane Tribe9. Moozy's Sojourn
2. Ormgul the Grubmaster10. Moozy's Adventure
3. Poisoned Crops11. Lifespring Cavern
4. Infestation12. Balance of Elements
5. The Flow of the River13. Invading Spelunkers
6. Spray and Prey14. Crystal Fury
7. Trapped Tauren15. High Water
8. Fish Out of Water
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2. Witch of the Wood8. Rock Troll in a Hard Place
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4. I Have a Bad Feeling About This10. Stonedark Crystal
5. An Audience with Torok11. They Will Pay With Blood
6. Cave of the Blood Trial12. Blood Debt
1. Step into the Dark7. Huln’s War – Malorne's Favored
2. Unexpected Allies8. Huln’s War – Stormrage
3. A Walk with the Spirits9. Huln’s War – Reinforcements
4. The Story of Huln10. Huln’s War – Shadowsong
5. To See the Past11. Huln’s War – The Nathrezim
6. Huln’s War – The Arrival
1. Secrets of Highmountain5. Titanic Showdown alliance-crest-icon | High Chieftains horde-crest-icon
2. The Path of Huln alliance-crest-icon | The Path of Huln horde-crest-icon6. A Timely Opportunity alliance-crest-icon | A Timely Opportunity horde-crest-icon
3. In Defiance of Deathwing alliance-crest-icon | In Defiance of Deathwing horde-crest-icon7. The Backdoor
4. Treasures of Deathwing (Brann - no Horde equivalent)
1. The Backdoor5. Buy Us Time
2. Flight of the Black Prince6. The Siegebrul
3. Battle of Snowblind Mesa7. Justice Reigns from Above
4. Battle Worms8. The Underking
Quests Not Tied to Achievement Below
Oenia Skyhorn's Unresting Soul
1. Wax On, Wax Off4. Candle of Command
2. Candle to the Grave5. Burn the Candle at Both Ends
3. The Gates of Wax6. Can't Hold a Candle to You
Hemet Nesingwary
1. An Offering of Ammo8. Scout it Out
2. Note-Eating Goats9. Moose on the Loose
3. Amateur Hour10. I'm not Lion
4. Lion Stalkin'11. Procuring a Prototype
5. Moose Shootin'12. Critter Scatter Shot
6. Bear Huntin'13. Wolf Pack Attack
7. A Hunter at Heart'
Skyhorn Nestling Pet Questline
1. Fledgling Worms3. Tamer Takedown
2. Eagle Egg Recovery4. Empty Nest
D.E.H.T.A. - Murky Adventure (BlizzHeroes)
1. That Guy in the Costume4. Slime Time
2. Nature vs. Nurture5. Murlocs: The Next Generation
3. I'll Huff, I'll Puff...6. Oh, the Clawdacity!
Mucksnout Den - Waist or Trinket iLvl 750
1. Shiny, but Deadly
2. The Soulkeeper's Fate
3. Demon Detainment
Stonedark Grotto | Highmountain -- (Bracer or Belt Reward)
1. You Lift, Brul?3. Deep in the Cavern
2. Stonedark Relics4. GUHRUHLRUHLRUH


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