In Shal’aran, many players are going to acquire eventually the Treasure Map: Suramar from First Arcanist Thalyssra at Honored reputation with the Nightfallen.

Then during their world quests in Suramar City, they will stumble upon a treasure chest inside a house at the Evermoon Commons. But wait, “where is the Treasure Chest? It’s marked in the map as being in this building, but it’s not at plain sight,” — some might think. It’s on the second floor.


Problem is that the stairs leading to the second floor have a locked door. So how in the world can you reach it? I spent probably over an hour jumping from ledge to ledge from the top of the stairs, to no luck. I always fell to the ground.

It didn’t work the way I was attempting, so I tried something that defied reasoning. I jumped on the wall-lamp, and then on the stack of books atop the wall-shelf. From there, I jumped to the top of the cornerstone, and from there to the wall-lamp across the hallway.


The least reasonable option, was indeed the correct one — as seen in the video below. Even now that you know how to reach the treasure chest, it is still going to take you many attempts to get it right. Have fun! You are welcome! =)