As a follow up to our recent article, Studio Cosplay reaches 40% of Kickstarter Goal. They have already reached $9,778 with only 100 pledge backers. Their actual goal is $24,000. At this rate, Studio Cosplay will be able to fulfill their dream offering classrooms, 3D printing support, and crafting stations for cosplayers in the area of Washington D.C.

Studio Cosplay reaches 40% of Kickstarter GoalStudio Cosplay: We have a Kickstarter goal of $24,000 to cover start-costs and operating expenses for the first year. Most of this will go to rent, utilities, and deposits for a 1000+ square foot studio in the Washington, DC Metro area. After we meet our goal, we will be adding stretch goals to bring even more awesome stuff to the space. The more we raise, the better the space! We have many backer rewards to choose from, so check it out and support us today!

Our Kickstarter launched February 13th at Katsucon and concludes on March 15th. We have a long wish list and many stretch goals, including a classroom area, sewing stations, airbrush and painting stations, fabrication stations with a 3D printer, and green screen for a photography area.

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