Rokhan: We arrived as soon as we could… but we be too late. Da Iron Horde has taken our warriors prisoner.

No doubt they be trying ta squeeze info out of da troops.

I fear once they are done with da interrogation they gonna execute their prisoners. Time be running out.

Ending Execution

Quests Objectives

Kill 3 Ironmarch Executioners.

(Coordinates: 57, 32)
(Coordinates: 59, 28)
(Coordinates: 58, 25)

Ending Execution


Horde Prisoner: Thank you!
Horde Prisoner: Run!
Horde Prisoner: Now’s my chance!
Horde Prisoner: She’s dead! I’m out of here!


Rokhan: Da prisoners be shaken up, but they are free. We be in your debt, (name).

Ending Execution – Tips

The prisoners can be found outside the Serpent’s Coil cave (south of Nethergarde).

Ending Execution

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