Okrilla: The Dreadmaul ogres think they have bested us? They will all suffer. Here take this poison, place a couple drops in their rat stew.

The poison will slowly eat away at their insides. Causing a prolonged and painful death, just like they deserve.


Quest Objectives

Poison the Dreadmaul ogre food supply.

Okrilla's Revenge


Okrilla: I wish I could be there to watch their faces as they suffer. I hope they all die a slow horrible death.

Okrilla’s Revenge – Tips

There are three cooking pots within Dreadmaul Post. This image marks their location:

Okrilla's Revenge

Do not engage the ogre standing next to the cooking pot where he stands. Make sure to pull him a bit to the side. There are patrols. In the image above, the cooking pot to the left has a patrol composed of an ogre and a couple of hyenas. Pull the ogre next to the cooking pot toward the mountain side, a bit high and pull from afar. For the cooking pot on the right top side, that cooking pot has two patrols. Toothsmash the Annihilator will walk toward the cooking pot and stand there for a few seconds, then leaves toward the other cooking pot. However, there’s another patrol coming behind the tents. Pull the ogre by the cooking pot toward the back of the tent (and keep an eye on the patrol behind the tent). The cooking pot on the lower right is patrolled only by Toothsmash the Annihilator. The ogre by this cooking post is a caster. You should take him out quickly before Toothsmash returns.

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Iron Horde Invasion Storyline

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