Thrall: The Iron Horde controls Nethergarde Keep, but they are fools if they think we will let them retain such a strategic position.

My best troops are more than eager to spill the blood of those savages, but we need a champion like yourself to lead the charge.

Attack on Nethergarde

Quest Objectives

Plant the Horde flags inside Nethergarde Keep.

Attack on Nethergarde


Thrall: Plant the Horde flags inside Nethergarde, our men will do the rest.

(Flag planted outside of the main keep: 1/1)

Orgrimmar Marine: Attack!

(Flag planted in the center of Nethergarde: 1/1)

Orgrimmar Marine: For the Horde!

(Flag planted at Nethergarde entrance: 1/1)

Orgrimmar Marine: Death to the Iron Horde.


Thrall: The Iron Horde will learn to fear us, as they should.

We must keep pushing back on the Iron Horde. They need to know we will not sit by and watch as they kill our brethren.

Attack on Nethergarde – Tips

Simply fly above Nethergarde, and take a look at the mini-map for three yellow dots. (If you don’t see them, click the zoom glass icon near the mini-map and make sure to have Track Quest POIs checkmarked).

Attack on Nethergarde

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Iron Horde Invasion Storyline

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