Thrall: It is time we learned more about our enemy.

Our scouts have identified a number of the Iron Horde’s lieutenants. Their attack is too organized to be run by tribal knowledge alone. Surely their lieutenants have access to secret battleplans.

You are the only soldier I can trust with this mission, (name).


Quest Objectives

Collect Iron Horde battleplans.

Mokrik’s Battleplan
Rukah’s Battleplan
Gar’s Battleplan


Thrall: Bring those battleplans back to me and we can begin to dismantle this Iron Horde.

Rukah the Machinist: Saddle up maggot, you’re going for a ride!

Rukah the Machinist: I’m gonna rearrange your nuts and bolts!



Thrall: Were you able to gain access to any battleplans?

Let’s take a look at these battleplans.

Hmm… it appears the Iron Horde has formed an alliance with the Dreadmaul ogres. This is going to be more difficult than I thought.

Lunatic Lieutenants – Tips

Rukah is roaming outside the western gate of Nethergarde. Gar Steelcrush is inside the Nethergarde Barracks in the second floor. It’s best to fly atop the barracks, and enter through the roof. Just go downstairs to the second floor, and come back out through the roof to fly away. Mokrik Blackfingers can be found outdoors near the Blacksmith building by the target practice dummies.

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Video found here.


Iron Horde Invasion Storyline

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