Okrilla: After the Iron Horde took Nethergarde we attacked. While we killed the Iron Horde at Nethergarde they brought more forces through the portal and took Okril’lon Hold. So many souls stripped of their bodies by those savages.

We must not forget those that gave their lives at Nethergarde. If you find any mementos of the fallen, bring them back to me.

ransacking nethergarde

Quest Objectives

Collect Master Aitokk’s Axe, Neka’s Poison Flask, and Overseer Struk’s Shield.



Okrilla: Did you find anything?

Throm-Ka, (name). These mementos will forever remind us of our champions.

Ransacking Nethergarde – Tips

When you arrive to Nethergarde, look at the mini-map for three yellow dot marks. (If you don’t see them, click the zoom glass icon near the mini-map and make sure to have Track Quest POIs checkmarked). Aitokk’s Axe is on the back door inside the Blacksmith building (Note: If you don’t want to fight your way through the Blacksmith building to grab Aitokk’s Axe, just fly to the back door of the Blacksmith Building. Stand on the stair. Turn your camera around until you see the axe on the inside part of the door. Click the axe, and you can loot it without any aggro. Fly away.). Neka’s Poison Flask is on a table in the first tent by the western gate of Nethergarde. Overseer Struk’s Shield can be located at the destroyed building inside Nethergarde (across the road from the Barracks).

Attack on Nethergarde

Struk’s Shield – (Coordinates: 60, 20)
Neka’s Poison Flask – (Coordinates: 59, 18)
Aitokk’s Axe – (Coordinates: 61, 14)

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Video found here.


Iron Horde Invasion Storyline

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