Peeking into the Portal – Intro

Rokhan: Eh Boss-mon! Ol’ Vol’jin da warchief be sendin’ me some shadow hunters to be ya eyes an ears.

When I hear of tings out there in da world ya should be hearin’ of, I’ll be lettin’ ya know.

Peeking into the Portal

Peeking into the Portal

Rokhan: I sent Scout Pazaztick to be gettin’ a better look at da portal. He shoulda reported back by dis time; what be taking him so long?

Dis is what happens when you hire da goblins as help.

Quest Objectives

Find Scout Pazaztick and use his telescope. (Coordinates: 61, 36)

Peeking into the Portal


Rokhan: If ya see Pazaztick tell’em Rokhan be lookin’ for him.

Archmage Khadgar: I was a moment too late. Your scout is dead… this is worse than I could have imagined. The Iron Horde invasion has begun. Take a look for yourself.

Peeking into the Portal

(cinematic cutscene plays when you click the telescope)

Peeking into the Portal

Archmage Khadgar: I must inform Warchief Vol’jin. Keep alert, (class). Dark times lie ahead.


Rokhan: Dis not good. Them Iron Horde be causin’ a lot of da trouble round here. We need ta find a way ta deal wit dim.

Da Iron Horde is bad news. We need ta put a stop ta dis.

Peeking into the Portal – Tips

When you find the corpse of Pazaztick, Khadgar is there. You can see an Ironmarch Grunt corpse aflame with arcane magic, suggesting Khadgar arrived right after the orc killed the goblin Pazaztick and dispensed some indiscriminate justice upon the orc. Just click the telescope to trigger the cinematic cutscene. Afterwards, just head back to Rokhan at the Shattered Landing to turn in the completed quest.

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Iron Horde Invasion Storyline

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