Thrall: The stupidity of the Dreadmaul ogres never ceases to amaze me. The Iron Horde is clearly using them to further their own nefarious agenda.

Regardless, we must show the ogres what happens when you confront the true Horde. I think it’s time we send the Dreadmaul ogres a message.

Death to the Dreadmaul

Quest Objectives

Kill 8 Dreadmaul Ogres. (Coordinates: 41, 33)

Death to the Dreadmaul


Thrall: It’s important that our enemies understand what happens when you attack the true Horde. I’m glad you could be there to show them.

Death to the Dreadmaul – Tips

The largest concentration of ogres without having to walk or fly too much is within the Dreadmaul Furnace (the cave on the western side of Dreadmaul Post), or the other cave to the east. I didn’t need to go too deep into the cave to kill all 8 ogres.

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Iron Horde Invasion Storyline

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