The Night Fae Campaign explores the lore of Ardenweald and the White Queen, their purpose, and extends to the Night Warrior and the fate of the Bwonsamdi/Mueh’zala conflict.

Note: Keep in mind this is from Beta 35282. I won’t be able to add the entire campaign because a full character wipe is coming at the end of July 2020. Click the video title to launch YouTube. Once there, click the gear icon to select 1080HD and Fullscreen.


Bwonsamdi asks for your help to investigate Loa seeds. You discover that Mueh’zala has been extracting the spirits of the Loa from the seeds long before their time to emerge to infuse them with bad mojo. Inform the White Queen and request her army forces to halt Mueh’zala’s minions.


Shandris has learned of a Night Warrior spirit within Ardenweald and seeks his advice to help Tyrande. We learn the planet he originates from and that he invoked the power of Elune to kill a… Dark god.

Note: The Night Warrior Thiernax and his husband Qadarin seem to be another LGBT couple. Both have male voiceover lines. Read more about Thiernax’s homeworld here.

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