During the Night Fae Covenant’s Campaign, players start a questline about two spirits from another world who bore the power of Elune’s wrath.

Thiernax the Night Warrior held the power to save his world from an Old god. His spouse — which also has a male voice over — tried to avoid the power of elune from consuming his husband, thus he attempted to absorb a portion of that power.

Sadly, the gamble didn’t work and both died. Their spirits were judged by the Arbiter and sent to Ardenweald.

At the end of the Night Warrior chapter, you can click on them to read dialogues about their world and then you discover they fought a dark god. I don’t know if I read too much into it but what Qadarin says seems to imply that this Dark god might be the creator of the Old gods.

After the Dark god landed on their planet, creatures that resemble the Old gods’ descriptions attacked their people.

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