Years ago, Blizzard Entertainment introduced a pre-Cataclysm world event featuring Doomsayers from the Twilight’s Hammer Clan who had infiltrated Orgrimmar and Stormwind with tales of impending doom, as Deathwing and elementals sought to end the world. You can watch the Alliance and Horde versions in our 2010 articles.

There was a second arrival of Doomsayers in July 2016 for the pre-Legion world event which granted the Feat of Strength: “It All Makes Sense Now.”


In the Legion version, a random doomsayer would transform into a demon, with a chance to drop Pocket Fel Sprayer.


With Sargeras’ return looming in the horizon, Patch 7.3 brings the Validated Doomsayers once more, but this time exclusively in the streets of Dalaran (tested). They will provide you with 12 pamphlets.

Validated Doomsayers


The pre-Legion world event gave you a Feat of Strength after collecting all the pamphlets. It is unknown if the same will happen in Patch 7.3. In the PTR so far there is no achievement or toy. None of the Doomsayers transformed into a demon either.

There is a problem with obtaining these pamphlets though, as you will no doubt learn. The Validated Doomsayers won’t give you a new pamphlet just like that. It has a 15 minute timer between each, and they are random, so you will get repeated copies.

I was around in the Pre-Cataclysm event, and there is a workaround. Hop on your flying mount. Fly upward 60 yards. Dismount. You will respawn at the Dalaran graveyard. Go back and resurrect. The Doomsayer will reset the timer to loot another pamphlet. Rinse and repeat. However, the more you die, the longer the resurrection timer up to 2 minutes.

Below you have a transcript of what each Validated Doomsayer says, plus screenshots of what each pamphlet says.


Validated Doomsayer Quotes

“A searing emerald fire will burn away our corruption.”
“Forces beyond our comprehension have seen us unworthy!”
“The Light has forsaken us!”
“There is no escape from the inevitable!”
“The world will be shaped anew!”
“The end is upon us!”
“Our time ends, the cleansing is nigh!”
“Gaze into the skies above! The truth reveals itself at last!”



These are all 12 pamphlets and their cryptic messages. The Damp Pamphlet has a peculiar text that I was able to decipher:

An emerald sun dawns in the vault of the heavens, but casts no shadow. (This is depicting the arrival of Argus in the skies, after the defeat of Kil’jaeden. Illidan cast a spell to open a massive portal in the skies that allow us to see planet Argus. Only those who defeat Kil’jaeden can see it in-game.)

The world lifts her voice in terror, but only one can hear her cries. (The quest Whispers of a Frightened World shows the spirit of Azeroth called upon Magni the Speaker to listen to her warning.)

From the space that is everywhere and nowhere, the crooked serpent feasts on stars. (This one is cryptic. The space that is everywhere and nowhere might refer to the Void or the ocean. The crooked serpent might refer to N’zoth)

It has no eyes to see, but it dreams of infinite endings and beginnings. (This sounds a lot like N’Zoth the old god.)