Battle for Azeroth Mysteries

Some of the things we didn’t hear a peep from the developers: Outdoor World Bosses. Usually, World of Warcraft panels have a developer discussing Professions, but this year we heard nothing on that front. We barely heard anything about new character UI systems (except for the Heart of Azeroth), nor heard about improvements to existing character UI systems in detail. The developers didn’t discuss the new reputation factions except for the mention of the fox-like Vulpera.

At BlizzCon 2016, we knew where we would go after reaching max level 110: Suramar. If you ask me where we are going at level 120, unless I missed it, I have no clue. We also knew about the Tomb of Sargeras last BlizzCon, and even got a glimpse into an image of Argus. This year, all we know is there is we will encounter Azshara at some point, but no context on what conditions will lead to that; and we don’t know what the gathering of Azerite and new Allies will lead to as an equivalent of the Tomb of Sargeras and Antorus.


Considering the main theme of Battle for Azeroth is War between the Alliance and the Horde, the Tomb of Sargeras or Antorus equivalent (in theory) should be a clash between Anduin and Sylvanas’ forces — and if that was the case, would that mean only one faction leader is coming out alive? Do you feel a Siege of Orgrimmar type of raid 2.0 breeze coming from the horizon?

Another mystery brewing in our minds is how exactly does Battle of Azeroth starts? We know pieces of the puzzle: Teldrassil in flames with Sylvanas looking. The cinematic’s Assault on Ruins of Lordaeron. We will learn the why in Christie Golden’s novel titled World of Warcraft: Before the Storm. Pre-order it if you haven’t yet, for a 10% discount.

The novel preview shared by Random House at BlizzCon, hinted that Sylvanas wants to raid Stormwind. What is her motivation? Why now? We know that Greymane halted her plans in Stormheim from seizing her prize for Helya to gain Immortality for her Forsaken. We also know from the upcoming novel’s preview that a new Forsaken council does not want the Immortality Sylvanas wishes for them. So the unanswered question is what is Sylvanas’s true motivation for a War against the Alliance.

Is it vengeance for robbing her plans in Stormheim? Or is the true goal an alternative for the Forsaken council rejecting Immortality? Just think about that for a second, and let it sink in.

Nathanos: “Not all of them desire for themselves what you desire for them, my queen. Many on the Desolate Council harbor deep reservations.This is the peril you created when you gave them free will. They are now free to disagree.”

Her pale brows drew together in a terrible frown. “Do they want extinction, then?” she cried, anger flaring brightly inside her. “Do they want to be rotting in the earth?”


Could the reason for the war against Stormwind be the raising of thousands of corpses by Sylvanas’ valkyr for a more robust number of Forsaken?

In theory, that might even open the doors for Undead Night Elves, Undead Dwarves, Undead orcs, Undead Tauren, and more in 9.0. If Sylvanas doesn’t end up dying in this expansion, and if she seized a massive army of Forsaken by rising the dead of this massive war as her intended prize, then that would also bring about another question: how can the Alliance counter that in 9.0 or beyond?

Enter Fordragon the Lich King (joining the Alliance)?

Just saying. It is a mystery what Sylvanas’s reasons are for this war, but what little we know points to the basics: she doesn’t care about the orcs, the blood elves, the trolls, or the tauren. She is appalled that a portion of her Forsaken rejects the immortality she desperately seeks for her people. Yet she pits the Horde into a War that will surely decimate the dwindling numbers of the Forsaken. There sure must be a reason to this war, and it is not to benefit the Horde, but her Forsaken. I’ll leave you with that thought.


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