Ever wonder where the Time-Lost Proto-Drake goes when we are camping him endless days in Storm Peaks? Well, where else? 35 years into Draenor’s past. Time-Lost Proto-Drake in Warlords of Draenor?

Time-Lost Proto-Drake in Warlords of Draenor

In case you find him, don’t waste your time camping the spot hoping to catch him alive for the mount. Actually, this Time-Lost Proto-Drake is meant to be a nod, easter-egg, prank or sour trolling by a Blizzard developer.

To reach the Time-Lost Proto-Drake, go to coordinate: 87.48 in Nagrand (by Hemet’s Happy Hunting Grounds — Hallvalor in the map). That’s the entrance. Go up the road along the mountain to reach the top. Keep on the road, past the waterfall. You will find a secluded area named Time-Lost Glade — filled with Time-Lost Gordunni. This is the area where you find Kairoz’s corpse (SPOILER: Garrosh killed Kairoz shortly after arriving to the past).

The Time-Lost Proto-Drake can be found a bit northwest of Kairoz’s corpse by coordinates: 90.29