Blizzard Quote:


Rhea: I need another favor from you. I need you to obtain the bodies of the black dragon whelplings that fly nearby. Slay them, and bring the corpses to me.

Quest Objectives

Obtain 10 Scalding Whelp Corpses.


Rhea: Have you done as I asked?

This grisly task was necessary, (name).

All will be revealed to you soon. For now, know this:

I am no ordinary goblin.

I serve a mistress of unimaginable power, and her motives here are not as dark as they might seem.

Blizzard Quote:


Rhea: The black dragonflight was once noble. They were the earth warders, protecting the very land itself. How ironic that they would become the worst menace the land has known.

I believe that there remains a sliver of hope, however, and so does my mistress. The black dragonflight will live beyond Deathwing’s treachery, and will soar as the noble earth warders once again.

I wish to show you something. Close your eyes, and I will reveal to you the final part of my studies.

Quest Objectives

Witness the final piece of Rhea’s studies.


Rhea: We will find a shred of good within these dragons, (name). Whether it is in the wild eggs you found, the bodies of the whelpings you slew, or the eggs that we have encouraged Nyxondra to lay … we will find an untainted black dragon.

Blizzard Quote:


Rhea: Nyxondra is being held against her will. She is hidden from her brood, right in the middle of their breeding grounds. She lays eggs, but they will be taken away before she can see them hatch.

Cruel? Perhaps … but not nearly as cruel as the treatment that their dragonflight showed my mistress.

SHow me that I can trust you, (name). Take Nyxondra’s eggs, and bring them here. You will need to beat Nyxondra into submission before you can take them.

Quest Objectives

Obtain 3 of Nyxondra’s Eggs.


Rhea: Remember, (name) … this is for the good of the black dragonflight. We are here to redeem them, not to hurt them. This is but a step in their recovery.

You have done everything that I have asked you, without question. Our job here in Lethlor Ravine is done.

It is now time that I revealed everything to you.

Blizzard Quote:


Rhea: As I hinted earlier, I am no ordinary goblin. You may have already guessed my true identity.

Allow me to show you my true form. As you have proven yourself trustworthy, I will also share with you the details of my plan.

Quest Objectives

Learn Rhea’s true identity.


Rhea: My true name is Rheastrasza, and I am an envoy of Alexstrasza herself, the Aspect of the red dragonflight.

With Deathwing currently occupied with other matters, we are going to find a way to redeem the black dragonblight.

And you are going to help us.

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