Blizzard Quote:


Rheastrasza: I made a calculated decision in revealing my identity to you, (name). I needed you to trust me, but I can no longer stay here in Lethlor Ravine, as my cover has quite clearly been blown.

You may be able to slip away unnoticed, however. Here, take the results of our research, and bring them west. At Agmond’s End, you will find a gnome who knows what to do with these samples.

Hurry, (name)! You mustn’t loiter here any longer than necessary!

Quest Objectives

Bring the Black Dragon Samples to Dr. Hieronymus Blam at Agmond’s End in the Badlands.


Dr. Hieronymus Blam: Dr. H. Blam, at your service. How can I be of assistance to you today?

Ooh! Science stuff! Let’s see what you’ve got here…

Wild eggs? Blech. Useless. These are never any good.

Ooooh, what’s this? Some sort of … pre-engineered egg? This looks promising, but I don’t want to know what Rhea had to do to get it.

Hmm … yes, some very nice corpses. Very nice indeed.

Alright, I’ll see what I can do.

Blizzard Quote:


Dr. Hieronymous Blam: I’ll need some time to analyze these samples, as well as a break from this trogg-shooting duty. Go man one of my turrets and take out as many troggs as you can. I’ll be here studying.

The turrets have two abilities: a regular shot, as well as an electrical overload, for when too many enemies get close! Heh, heh. Good luck.

Oh, and look out for the big, slow troggs. You probably don’t want to let them anywhere near you.

Quest Objectives

Enter a Blam Turret, then survive four waves of trogg attacks.


Dr. Hieronymus Blam: The results are in. I’ve identified traces of corruption in all three samples you brought me. Rhea will be quite disappointed.



Blizzard Quote:


Dr. Hieronymous Blam: I’ve got an idea, but it’s a bit of a long shot. Thankfully, long shots happen to be a specialty of mine.

North of here, the Reliquary has uncovered a new set of titan ruins beneath the sands. If there’s anything older and wiser than dragons, it’s titans. Heck, I’ve heard rumors that the titans CREATED the dragons.

Talk to High Examiner Tae’thelan Bloodwatcher at their camp to the northeast. He’ll have more information than I do about these titans.

What did I tell you? It’s a long shot.

Quest Objectives

Speak with High Examiner Tae’thelan Bloodwatcher at Bloodwatcher Point in the Badlands.


High Examiner Tae’thelan Bloodwatcher: If you are not here to work, then please see yourself away from our excavation.

Titans? You come to me, asking about titans?

You’ve come to the right place, as we’re on the brink of discovering something big. You will, however, need to earn your keep first.





Blizzard Quote:


High Examiner Tae’thelan Bloodwatcher: The Explorer’s League may have a yeoman’s knowledge of the actual act of digging. What they lack, however, is the good sense to USE the artifacts that they dig up. They stow their treasures in stagnant museums instead of using these items of power for their true purpose.

The dwarves are fools. Fortunately, they die easily.

You’ll find them digging into canyon walls north of here. Take whatever you can out of their stubby-fingered hands, then return it to me.

Quest Objectives

Obtain a Broken Chalice, a Dusty Vase, an Earthen Hieroglyph, and a Trogg Tool.


High Examiner Tae’thelan Bloodwatcher: You’ve returned with liberated artifacts, I presume?

Chalice … worthless.

Vase … counterfeit.

Hieroglyph … interesting, but rather common.

What’s this? I’ve never seen trogg craftsmanship of this caliber! YOu’ve stumbled upon something rare indeed, (name).

We must not be so hasty as to overlook the troggs. They may be simple, but they know things about the deep, hidden places of this world.

You’ve performed well enough. Let’s talk titans, shall we?



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