Queen Alexstrasza and the red dragonflight are strongly planning to experiment upon the black dragonflight to seek a sense of redemption in their malevolent and corrupted kind. In order to do this, an agent of Alexstrasza known as Rheastrasza is gathering black dragon whelps and eggs as specimens. Their ultimate goal is to create a Purified Black Dragon Egg, and once the whelp hatches, the red dragonflight has ambitious plans. A new pure Black Dragon free of the taint of the Old gods to come forth as the new Dragon Aspect of Earth.

Rings a bell? Chris Metzen danced around this thought at BlizzCon 2010. All we know is that Thrall is going somehow to be pivotal in this New Earthwarder storyline which is gonna play out throughout a long-term period in-game, no doubt.

Regardless, there are rumors of a new novel titled World of Warcraft: Thrall, Twilight of the Aspects by New York Times Bestselling author Christie Golden.

Will this novel shed some light concerning the fate of this Purified Black Dragon Egg … at all? What role will the Earthen Ring humble servant: Thrall play?

Before you we will roundup the entire Purified Black Dragon Egg questline: (Work in Progress — video coming soon)

The questline is accessed via World of Warcraft patch 4.0.3a. Simply go to Badlands and head toward the north area of Lethlor Ravine. You will see some goblin signs pointing you toward the coast. There stand on the teleporter machine. It will take you down to the coast to the Fuselight-by-the-Sea (a goblin village).

Talk with the goblin Eddie Flofizzle who will give you the quest titled: To Fuselight Proper.

Blizzard Quote:


Eddie Flofizzle: We fish, we sleep, and we explode things. What could be better than that?

This, (race), is paradise. I’ve always wanted to live in a nice quiet town by the sea so I can focus on my explosions without any distractions.

Quiet’s not for everybody, though … ‘specially the adventuring hero-type, like yourself.

We’ve installed a teleporter in the backside of town that’ll take you up to the top of the cliffs. From there, you can take the quick ride west into Fuselight proper, within the Badlands.

There should be more for you to do up there. Tell ’em that Flo sent you.

Quest Objectives

Use the Teleporter in the back of Fuselight-by-the-Sea to port up the mountain, then report to Dolph Blasto at Fuselight in the Badlands.

Dolph Blastus: Welcome to Fuselight!

Blizzard Quote:


Dolph Blastus: The most immediate threat to Fuselight is, without argument, the colony of ogres to the northwest.

Most of our ogre neighbors used to be warrior-types, but it seems that more and more of them are practicing magic. I won’t have an army of ogre-magi at my doorstep.

Go take out some of those Dustbelcher ogres. Hopefully they’ll get the picture and avoid messing with the might of Fuselight.

Quest Objectives

Slay 9 Dustbelcher ogres at Camp Kosh.


Dolph Blastus: I wonder where all of these ogre-magi are coming from? Curious times, indeed.

Blizzard Quote:


Dolph Blastus: On to other matters, I have a package that I need delivered.

A young lady came by our town not long ago, looking for compressed blasting powder, a tempered mithril bomb casing, and some safety googles. Naturally, we had plenty of blasting powder and bomb casings to sell her, but the safety googles were a little harder to find.

Long story short, I’ve got the goggles, but she’s already returned to her studies down in Lethlor Ravine. Will you bring these down to her?

Quest Objectives

Bring Dolph’s Package to Rhea at Lethlor Ravine in the Badlands.


Rhea: Ahh … you’ve found me. Good.

Thank you, (race). YOu may keep the goggles, as they have already served their purpose: they brought you to me.

Blizzard Quote:


Rhea: I am experimenting with black dragons. Specifically, I am interested in how they procreate.

My current experiments require plenty of black dragon eggs, which is why I am here in Lethlor Ravine. I’d gather the eggs myself, but I think you’ll benefit from helping me out.

You will find them along the edges of the ravine. Beware the guardians that circle above – they do not appreciate stolen eggs.

Quest Objectives

Obtain 6 Wild Black Dragon Eggs.


Rhea: Have you brought the eggs?

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