Blizzard Quote:


Statue: You heard a good amount of rumbling happen in the tomb’s central chamber. Those two large statues did look awfully suspicious.

Quest Objectives:

Investigate The Warden and the Sentinel.


The Sentinel: This red statue looks a lot like the Sentinel’s pawn that you hold.

The statue has a small indentation that matches the size of your pawn.

(Place the pawn in the indentation.)

You fight The Sentinel.

The Warden: Judging by its color, this must be The Warden.

You see a small indentation where your pawn might fit.

(Place the pawn in the indentation.)

You fight The Warden.


With your inspection complete, the statues return to their original positions. Something seems different in the room, however …





Blizzard Quote:


Chest: As the second defender falls to the ground, a chest appears in the back of the chamber. Could this be what they were protecting?

Quest Objectives:

Investigate the Trove of the Watchers.


You peer into the chest …





Blizzard Quote:


Chest: Inside the chest, you find a small, circular device, resting upon a cushion.

If there are any titan artifacts to be found here in the tomb, this is it. You resolve to bring it back to Dr. Blam.

Quest Objectives:

Bring the Eye of the Watchers to Dr. Hieronymus Blam at Agmond’s End in the Badlands.


Dr. Hieronymus Blam: Well? Has our long shot paid off?

Just one tiny little device?

I never did understand those titans.

Very well! Let’s see what this peeper can do.

Eye of the Watchers: Objective identified. Scanning …

Anomaly detected. Probable source: Azerothian Old god. Attempting to excise anomaly …

Anomaly excised. Repeating sub-protocol … (three Black Dragon Eggs scanned individually)

Anomaly Excised. Re-assembling remaining material …

Viable subject compiled. No anomalies detected.

User-objective protocol complete. Stasis protocol re-enabled.

Note: A single Purified Black Dragon Egg appears on the ground. The titan device cleansed the Old god corruption from the Black Dragon Egg.





Blizzard Quote:


(Dr. Blam stares at the egg in awed silence, blinks a few times, then looks up at you.)

Dr. Hieronymus Blam: D…did you see that? Incredible! My titan thing idea worked! With your help, of course.

We’ll want to get these back to Rhea. She’s not at Lethlor Ravine anymore; it sounds like she blew her cover when she transformed into her true form in front of all those whelps. She’s now in the west, staying at a large Horde establishment dubbed New Kargath.

Quest Objectives:

Bring the Purified Black Dragon Egg to Rhea at New Kargath in the Badlands.


Rhea: That’s some precious cargo you carry there, (name).

I’ll take that egg out of your hands now. We need to get this egg incubated … and hidden, quickly. There are lots of angry dragons looking for this.

It’s good to see you again, by the way.





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