The Shadowlands Alpha build 34972 was over 8GB in size. You can visit MMO-Champion or WoWHead for all the datamined stuff. I will share with you what’s discovered in-game.


The Covenant Missions Table is not operational yet, and assets are work in progress, but for the first time the UI became accessible at Elysian Hold in Bastion.

This table used to open a Map, in specific the Broken Isles map as a placeholder. The map that allowed you to pick the starting quest for Stormheim, Azsuna, Highmountain, or Val’sharah. At least that was the behavior this table had for several builds now.

Today, out of the blue, it has the basics for a Covenant Garrison Missions Table. The LUA Error reveals: Blizzard_CovenantMissionUI.lua

This video shows the Covenant Missions UI (broken at the moment), as well as early view at Transmog gear and weapons that seem accessible via Achievements or special challenges from what the placeholder text insinuates. Also 5 Battle Pets at a vendor. Click the video title to launch YouTube for 1080HD and Fullscreen.


In the previous build 34902, I shared video of the Shadowlands Intro questline that have you at Icecrown’s Frozen Throne performing a ritual with pieces of the broken Lich King’s Helm of Domination to teleport into the Shadowlands.

Players land in The Maw — as seen in the video — and after freeing Anduin with the help of Thrall and Jaina Proudmoore, your troops are ambushed. The heroes defend the perimeter to allow you time to activate a dormant gateway that allows the exit of The Maw.

The player teleports into Oribos, where the questline stopped abruptly last build (34902).

In build 34972, today, the continuation is available. Once you land in Oribos, you are introduced to the city and their purpose. For the first time, you are taken to the top-most floor of Oribos to meet the dormant Arbiter.

Then the player uses the fragment of the Helm of Domination on a table to summon Bolvar Fordragon and some Ebon Blade death knights into Oribos. Two Ebon mages setup portals to Stormwind and Orgrimmar on the western-most edge of Oribos.

At the end of this short questline, you help the Oribos servant to open the gateway to Bastion. In this build, that last part is broken. Needs a new patch to fix it.


For the first time since Shadowlands Alpha started, The Horde can now test Exile’s Reach. This level 1-10 experience is very similar quest-wise to the Alliance version, but it is Horde tailored with a few differences in comparison to their Alliance counterparts.

There is only one major change to one of the quests. The Alliance version has a quest where the gnome invents a miniaturizer to make a very large pig. You mount it to crush an Undead army. The Horde version shows the goblin failed to create a giant pig, but the miniaturizer is instead used as a weapon. You fly using the goblin’s gizmo, and bombard the undead army from the sky.

This build’s Exile’s Reach is a bit bugged. My client crashed twice: after leaving the dungeon, and after turning in the quest at the Gates of Orgrimmar.

Playing the Exile’s Reach for about the 15th time was fun. This experience takes about 1:22 -1:30 hours to complete.

Toward the end of the video, I show two options to level up from level 10-50:

  1. You can continue the Battle for Azeroth quest that leads to rescuing Princess Talanji from Stormwind’s Stockades;
  2. Or you can go to Chromie Time (shown in the video).

Not shown in the video, but the third option to level up in Shadowlands Alpha is now enabled: The Warchief’s Command Board.

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