SI:7 Report: Take No Prisoners

Amber Kearnen: The loss of the raccoon is the least of our worries. Our biggest concern is that petrified orc … and what its presence means. I can tell you the rest of the story.

The final leg of our journey took us west, to a large hozen village. We set up a small camp in the mountains, outside of their line of sight …

Objectives: Listen to Amber Kearnen’s report.

–Discovered: Scenic Overlook–

(We made camp in the mountains. Little Lu watched over Rell.)

Rell: K … (cough) … kill some hozen today, Amber.

Amber: As you wish, commander.

(I walked up to the top of the mountain and took a hold of my sniper rifle.)

–Discovered: Grookin Mound–

(I found Sully waiting outside the village’s entrance. Straining my eyes, I could just barely read his lips, as he said:)

Sully: Shoot all the guards, so I can move ahead!

Sully: Nice work back there! One more time!

Sully: I brought these monkeys some presents! Try not to blow me up, Amber!

(Sully planted some explosive barrels for me to shoot.)

Sully: This one’s for beatin’ up Amber!

This one’s for beatin’ up Rell!

An’ this one’s for Gizmo and Socks, you bastards!!

Nothing to see here! Let’s keep going!

Bingo … I see a Horde crate! Cover me, I’m going out in the open!

(Just as I suspected … the Horde is here, in Pandaria. And they’ve allied with the hozen. We’d need to bring this information back to Glassfin Village … but not before shooting a few orcs in the head.)

Sully: I see an opening! Here I come, Amber!

(Guide Sully through the hozen camp: 1/1)

Amber Kearnen: So there you have it. We didn’t find the White Pawn, but we came back with intel that could be of even greater importance to the Alliance.

The Horde have allied with the hozen, and are arming them as we speak. They and their monkey army now outnumber us thirty to one.

The Ancient Master

Bold Karasshi (Jinyu): I see that you and your people are desperate to find your Prince Anduin.

I know someone who may be able to help you. He is reclusive, so I cannot guarantee what kind of reception you will receive.

The hermit lives in the forest to the southwest. Tell him that the Pearlfin have sent you.

Objectives: Find Lorewalker Cho at the Dreamer’s Pavillion in the Jade Forest.

A Perfect Match

Admiral Taylor: Elder Lusshan and I agree that the best path forward will be to work together.

We will share with the Pearlfin our superior military knowledge and weaponry.

In return, they will be a powerful ally should we again encounter the Horde.

Take this crate of equipment and weapons. I need you to go around the village and equip the jinyu with weapons befitting their skills.

Objectives: Speak to Pearlfin Adepts and arm them with the proper equipment.