SI:7 Report: Fire From the Sky

Amber Kearnen: Rell, please … save your energy. Sully can tell (name) what happened next.

Sully: Yea, we found Amber, she’s alive, and all that. That’s about where the good news stops though.

Let’s see if I can pick up where ol’ Rell left off …

Objectives: Listen to Sully’s report.

(We were still goin’ north when we stopped near this big ol’ clearing.)

–Discovered: Shadybranch Pocket–

Rell: Alright, agents. Listen up.

Little Lu: Whoah … he called me an agent!

Rell: It grows late. We should set up camp for the night. Sully, do you have an axe?

Sully: Naw, but I can put one together in a pinch. Let’s see … you need a wood-cuttin’ axe, or a people-killin’ axe?

Rell: Wood-cutting. Little Lu, use this axe to gather firewood.

Little Lu: Y-yes sir!

Rell: Sully. Investigate those shrines to the west. Look for signs of the White Pawn. Amber, find a good perch and give Sully some covering fire. We’ll rendezvous back here.

Sully: Aye-aye, sir!

Amber Kearnen: Yes, sir. This way, Sully! I see the perfect spot. I’ll hide up here in the shadows. If you run into any trouble, just shine a light on the target and I’ll take care of them.

–Discovered: Serpent’s Spine–

(I found an old rifle scope in my pockets. It’d have to do. If I saw anything dangerous, I’d hit it with the light, and Amber’s sniper rifle would take care of the rest.)

Sully: Nice shot, Amber!

(Scout the southeastern shrine: 1/1)

Sully: Tryin’ ta sneak up on ol’ Sully, huh?

Note: Lurking Tigers uncloak to attack. Click 4 to light up a laser to give Amber a bullseye target.–

Sully: Note to self: Don’t get on Amber’s bad side.

(I found no sign of the White Pawn at the southwestern shrine.)

(However, I did find a friendly raccoon, who began to follow me. I decided to name him Gizmo.)

Sully: Hey there, little buddy! I’m gonna name you Gizmo.

Note: Amber shoots the raccoon–


(Shortly afterward, another raccoon befriended me. I named him Socks, and quickly moved on.)

Sully: Come on, Socks. Let’s get out of here before you get sniped.

Note: Another Lurking Tiger unstealths.–

Sully: Didn’t know I had a sniper on my side, did ya?

Sully: She hits ’em between the eyes, every time.

(I found nothin’ at the northern shrine – no White Pawn, no hozen … nothin’. After scouting the three shrines, I headed back over to camp. Socks followed along, faithfully. — Scout the northern shrine: 1/1)

Rell: Over here!

(I returned to find Rell bein’ attacked by hozen! Again!)

Rell: Help!

Sully: AMBER! AIM YER SIGHTS OVER HERE! Tryin’ ta sneak up on ol’ Sully, huh?

(Return to camp: 1/1)

Sully: No … Rell …