Wisdom of the Ages

Lorewalker Cho: Wake up, stranger! What are you doing in my house?

(Sage-Speaker Cho seems to see right through you, giving no sign that he is even aware of your presence.)

You: Who are you … WHAT are you?

Lorewalker Cho: To ask a thing only begins to prepare the mind to receive the answer.

You: What is this land? Why has its presence been hidden for centuries?

Lorewalker Cho: Deep truths may only be learned through deep questioning.

You: How can I help the Jinyu win against those monkey savages?

Lorewalker Cho: Listen carefully to the silence, (class). What does it say?

You: Can you help me find the White Pawn?

Lorewalker Cho: If I were to answer you now, I would deny you the enlightment that should be yours.

[Borrowed Brew – Completion]

Lorewalker Cho: I don’t take kindly to intruders, stranger.

(Lorewalker Cho endures your stream of questions before speaking.)

Lorewalker Cho: You are full of conflict, traveler. Your mind overflows with questions, yet you are empty of answers.

You seek the White Pawn, but you are not yet ready to face the truth.

Meet me at the pagoda outside my house. We will see if you are worthy of finding the answers you desire.

Objectives: Meditate with Lorewalker Cho at the pagoda at the Dreamer’s Pavillion in the Jade Forest.

Lorewalker Cho: True wisdom comes from the understanding that you have much to master.

(I am ready for my meditation lesson)

–Note: your character steps back a length in front of candles, and sits down yoga style to meditate. Lorewalker Cho walks around you, and occassionally punches you to make sure you keep a balance between focus and relaxation. Click the left and right buttons to keep the bar in the middle at all times.–

[Failed Quest]

Lorewalker Cho: You have failed yet again, stranger.

[Successful Quest]

Lorewalker Cho: Let us begin. Breathe deeply, stranger …. Clear your mind. Use focus and relaxation to maintain your balance. You must strive to maintain a balance, no matter your surroundings … Hmm, perhaps I was wrong about you, stranger.

(Meditated at the pagoda: 1/1)

Lorewalker Cho: Hmph, I admit you have piqued my interest, young one. A notable feat. I will help you find your White Pawn.

However, do not think that you can run, just because you have crawled.

To find your White Pawn, we must call upon the ancient magic of my people. To do so, we must first create a Dream Brew.


Lorewalker Cho: To make the Dream Brew, we will need several ingredients.

First, to improve its strength, I will need an ingredient from a fearsome creature, the legendary Mist Horror.

It is said that this creature only appears where the fog is deepest.

North and east of here, you will find smaller Mist Creepers roaming the swamps. Kill these creatures until the Mist Horror appears, and then bring me its heart.

Objective: Kill Mist Creepers until a Mist Horror appears, then collect a Mist Horror heart.

Lorewalker Cho: The mind has untold powers that we have not yet discovered. With balance and wisdom, it may be possible to unlock these powers of the mind.

The Dream Brew is only a tool that produces a temporary period of this all-seeing state.


Lorewalker Cho: A brew’s body is an important and often overlooked factor.

To create the perfect consistency, I will need pristine eyes from the Bog Crocolisks to the east.

Take care. The creatures are quite vicious.

Objective: Collect 5 Pristine Crocolisk Eyes from Bog Crocolisks.


Lorewalker Cho: The most distinguishing feature of the Dream Brew is its iridescent, dream-like color.

To the east, you will find Glittering Amberflies. I will need their wings to create the final luminescent color of the brew.

Take this knife and use it to collect 8 wings.