SI:7 Report: Hostile Natives

Little Lu: I … I can tell you what happened next! We continued north, into the forest …

Objectives: Listen to Little Lu’s report.

Little Lu: Rell survived the attack, but he wasn’t doing very well.

Amber Kearnen: Rell’s condition is worsening. We must stop to rest again.

Sully: If only Mishka were here. She’d fix him up in no time.

Little Lu: Hey … hey guys! This is a pandaren hut. The pandaren are friendly … maybe they can help?

Amber Kearnen: Good thinking, Little Lu. Go find out who lives here. Take Sully with you.

Sully: And Socks!

Amber Kearnen: Yes … and the raccoon. I will watch over our commander.

(The sign out front wasn’t very … welcoming. — Inspect sign: 1/1)

Sully: Pshh! No sign is gonna stop me an’ my best pal Socks!

(The lawn was littered with small jade statues. They seemed almost … lifelike. — Inspect lifelike Jade Statue: 1/1)

Sully: This person sure has lots o’ statues …

(One statue in particular stood out. I had never seen a creature like this. — Inspect Suspicious Jade Statue: 1/1)

Sully: Now wait a darn minute. Is that an orc? Is … is the HORDE here too!?

(After inspecting the statues, we saw a female pandaren emerge from the house.)

Widow Greenpaw: Yes, little children?

Little Lu: Can you help us? Our friend is injured.

Widow Greenpaw: Now look at this … a jinyu and … what is that? Some sort of Beard-Sprite?

Sully: I’m a dwarf, ma’am. Can we borrow some food?

Widow Greenpaw: The Beard-Sprite will make an excellent addition to my family!

Sully: What in blazes are you talkin’ about …

(I finally understood what was going on … but I was a second too late.)

Little Lu: Sully … those aren’t statues on her lawn! She wants to turn you into jade!

Socks: Squeak!

Widow Greenpaw: AHHH HA HA HAAAA!


Sully “The Pickle” McLeary yells: Run, Little Lu! Run away!! Before she gets you too!

(Speak with Widow Greenpaw: 1/1)

Little Lu: Luckily, we all made it out alive. Well … all of us except for Socks …