The Dream Brew

The Dream Brew is ready.

Drink it at the Seer’s Stone, just to the right of the red pagoda.

Seek, and find.

Objective: Drink the Dream Brew at the Seer’s Stone and find the White Pawn.

Drink the Dream Brew: 0/1
White Pawn found: 0/1

Note: The character falls into a trance, and the mind starts to move throughout the landscape in search of Prince Anduin Wrynn.–

Hozen Slingtail Hunter: Run, slicky! I dook up your like fer breakfast!

Discovered: Den of Sorrow–

Prince Anduin: I am Anduin Wrynn, Prince of Stormwind. I won’t die here. Not like this!

[White Pawn found: 1/1]

    [Note: Prince Anduin casts Psychic Scream. The three hozen flee in terror. Prince Anduin runs uphill just to find a dead end. The hozen surrounds him. Prince Anduin casts Power Word: Shield, and shoots Holy Fire on one of them. He has no weapons other than his Holy Light magic.

    It’s interesting — two Pandaren jump in to ambush the hozen, and protect Prince Anduin: Ren Whitepaw, and Lina Whitepaw.

[Quest Completion]

Prince Anduin: How did you find me?

(Anduin listens to you describe the vision from the Dream Brew.)

Prince Anduin: Remarkable! That’s exactly what happened several days ago. We’ve been laying low since then.