A couple of months ago, the WoW Secret Finding Discord channel found a mysterious sunken land north of Vol’dun that can be reached at the very edge of players nearly dying to fatigue.

This sunken land is 2/3th the size of Nazmir in length. There doesn’t seem to be any fauna, but there is plenty of flora. Most of it can’t be navigated due to fatigue, but the northern side can be explorable.

With TomTom addon installed, go to the northern edge of Vol’dun until you reach the South Sea. Now type:

/way 43.31 2.08

Swim straight toward the tallest peak

Navigate underwater on your Fathom Dweller in a straight line toward the tallest peak on the left side. That peak will allow fatigue to dissipate. Don’t stray from the northern edge of the sunken land, or you will trigger fatigue.

OPTIONAL: Eat Feast of Fishes and once well fed you gain the abilities of a fish and 225% swim speed.

There’s a point where DCoords stops giving coordinate data. So you are now going blind. In the map, the dot shows the location where you will find an interesting rock formation about 50-80 yards down the cliff.

Make sure you have no fatigue. Then swim down along the wall until you find this entrance.

At the moment, it is unknown what this sunken land is for. There is speculation it might be used by Blizzard at a later time. Nazjatar? Who knows.

The hidden cave has no content within. Still it is intriguing to place a cave this far from Zandalar, and with that specific custom exterior. It is speculated to be part of the Hivemind mount secret, but might be something else entirely.

Watch the video to learn more how to get there.

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