The WoW Secret Findings channel is fascinating in that a lot of players share images of things normally not searched thoroughly. They explore literally every inch.

Before going to any of these hidden caves, you need the World of Warcraft addon: TomTom installed in this folder: World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns/

Below you can watch videos of some of the hidden caves found throughout Kul Tiras and Zandalar.

Tiragarde Sound
1. Behind waterfall: North of Tradeswind Market (Tiragarde)/way 80.13 19.29
2. Underwater: Boralus (Tiragarde)/way 10.12 82.28
3. The Whale's Belly (Tiragarde)/way 53.22 43.18
4. Stormsong Monastery (Tiragarde)/way 61.23 84.06
5. Beneath Fishing Net: Hook Point, Boralus (Tiragarde)/way 49.1 40.0
Used for the Secret Pet: Ba'al
1. Behind waterfall: Southwest of Arom's Stand (Drustvar)/way 34.85 54.99
Stormsong Valley
1. Underwater: Near Seeker's Vista/way 37.30 32.82
2. Behind Bushes: Isle northwest of Shrine of the Storm/way 65.20 11.87
1. Behind Atal'Dazar (Zuldazar)/way 31.58 35.95
2. Underwater: Western Bay behind Atal'dazar (Zuldazar)/way 17.90 42.96
1. Sunken land (above Zandalar)This one is difficult to get to. First, in Vol'dun, go north of Tortaka Refuge's beach until you reach this text onscreen: South Seas. Then type this (with TomTom installed):
/way 43.23 2.14

Now read the following article for a guide how to swim across fatigue toward the sunken land that has a hidden cave.

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