I have created various versions of the Taldraszus zone map and the Valdrakken city map that display the following data for those who need to search specific things:

  • All – This captures all the data (below) in a single image.
  • Dragon Glyphs – These are part of several achievements that also double as currency you earn to purchase a Dragonriding talent tree upgrade. Most talent tree upgrades cost 3 Dragon Glyphs each.
  • NPCs – This marks most of the NPCs in each sub-zone (town), but not all of them. In this tab you can also see which vendors and trainers are located in that town: name and vendor/trainer title (i.e. Farrier Uugan, Blacksmithing Trainer).
  • Quests – This tab shows the location of the NPC Questgiver that gives the first quest of a chain of quests.
  • Race – This tab shows the location of all the Bronze Dragonflight Dragonriding racing challenges (Achievements per each challenge in the map).
  • Rare Elites – This tab will be updated later, but it shows the location of some of the rare elites. Feels like Blizzard needs to populate a lot of empty caves. We are still in Alpha test.
The Waking ShoresOhn'ahran PlainsThe Azure SpanThaldraszus

This is the Valdrakken Map showing the location of every vendor, trainer, and point of interest within the city.

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