Master Smith Helgar: This Forge has been working for longer than your race has existed: we might know a few things. Your weapon is powerful, it will take my personal forge in order to work it.

We can work the artifact to provide various improvements, provided you have enough experience with it. let’s give it a try shall we?


Quest Objectives

Use the artifact forge.



The Forge of Odyn

The Forge of Odyn



Master Smith Helgar: Your weapon has untold potential! You will need to get more acquainted with it first and we can work on it some more.


The Forge of Odyn


1. The Mysterious Raven3. Odyn and the Valarjar
2. Challenge of Valor4. Weapons of Legend
5. Legacy of the Icebreaker (Protection)5. Hunter of Heroes (Fury)5. The Sword of Kings (Arms)
6. The Forgening8. The Eye of Odyn
7. The Forge of Odyn9. Thus Begins the War
Class Artifacts Questlines


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