Huginn: The raven has a message:

“The Legion has dealt you a blow not easily recovered from. It will take both strength of arm and mind to stop them. I know where to get both. Meet me.”


Quest Objectives

Meet with the mysterious person at the Legerdemain Lounge in Dalaran.

The Mysterious Raven



NOTE: Go to the second floor of the inn, by the terrace.



Havi: You have come to save Azeroth, a goal I heartily approve. I am a simple traveler that has learned much over the years. Let us speak of the power of proving your valor.

The Mysterious Raven


The Mysterious Raven


1. The Mysterious Raven3. Odyn and the Valarjar
2. Challenge of Valor4. Weapons of Legend
5. Legacy of the Icebreaker (Protection)5. Hunter of Heroes (Fury)5. The Sword of Kings (Arms)
6. The Forgening8. The Eye of Odyn
7. The Forge of Odyn9. Thus Begins the War
Class Artifacts Questlines


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