Havi: A mighty warrior you are, yet still beaten at the Broken Shore. A fight meant to be lost I think. In loss we can become greater. A group of heroes go to the Broken Shore. They wish to prove their valor to a power that watches from above. Join them to restore your honor. Join them to prove your valor. By doing so, you may claim something never given to your kind before. Use that to defeat the Legion. I have provided transportation!

Challenge of Valor


Quest Objectives

Take the flight at Krasus’ Landing and prove your valor in the Second Battle of the Broken Shore.



Click Havi’s mount to fly away and to start the scenario.

Challenge of Valor


The scenario lands you on the Broken Shore among other vrykul to fight the Legion.



Take the flight to the Broken Shore: 1/1


STAGE 1: Return to Battle — A group of vrykul heroes are fighting on the field of your defeat. Join them and regain your honor.


Ragnvald Drakeborn: Shrug off your wounds warriors! Another battle awaits!


NOTE: Walk toward Ragnvald Drakeborn to begin the battle.


STAGE 2: A Desperate Charge — The latest group of demons is attacking, aid the warband in crushing these foes.


Finna Torbjornsdottir: A bit small for this fight I think!



Ragnvald Drakeborn: Havi is odd, but rarely wrong. Here they come! Prove your strength, small one!



STAGE 3: The Val’kyr — A golden val’kyr named Danica has arrived to collect the souls of the worthy. Watch the ritual.


Finna Torbjornsdottir: A val’kyr approaches! We must greet her with respect, come heroes!

Danica the Reclaimer: Haardgrim, Alrik, Odyn has judged you worthy for his halls. Come with me to glory!



STAGE 4: Reinforcing the Warband — Demonic reinforcements approach with a large mo’arg. Defeat Bezzeredes and his allies.


Ragnvald Drakeborn: Watch me from above my brothers, and save me a seat in the hall! A big one has arrived, little hero! Come and meet your fate before your place is taken!




FINAL STAGE: Just a Pit Lord — Malgalor, Lord of Butchery has arrived to kill everyone. Stand with what remains of the warband. Kill Malgalor or die trying.


Malgalor: My forces are legion! Your efforts are futile!

Ragnvald Drakehorn: Wh… what was that?

Malgalor: Enough! I will enjoy breaking you personally.

Finna Torbjornsdottir: Will you look at that…

Ragnvald Drakeborn: At last, this is the glorious death Havi showed me!

Finna Torbjornsdottir: I’d rather kill it. Little hero, you are a great warrior to fight beside. Will you stand with us, even though it may mean our death?

Ragnvald Drakeborn: Hah, with you two, perhaps it may be possible! Either way I’ll not go down easily. Let us be about it then!



Finna Torbjornsdottir: I will salute your valor in the Halls of Valor, or over this monster’s corpse!

Malgalor: Your pathethic life only delays the inevitable. All will die to us! A few scratches will not bar my way. You will fall!

Finna Torbjornsdottir: I can still … fight…

Malgalor: You will DIE like the insect you are!

Ragnvald Drakeborn: You can do it hero… for me, the halls…

Malgalor: Enough is enough! I will destroy you now!


NOTE: Finna and Ragnvald die.


Malgalor: You… you yet stand. Impossible! I may die, but I will take you with me!

NOTE: Malgalor begins to cast Fel Rupture. Malgalor and you die.



Danica the Reclaimer: A valorous sacrifice! But it is not yet your time…

NOTE: Diana Prin– err … Wonder Wom– err, Danica resurrects you.



Danica the Reclaimer: Welcome to the Halls of Valor, where the brave live forever!




Danica the Reclaimer: Welcome to the Halls of Valor, hero. Normally one must die to gain entrance, but times have changed.



Challenge of Valor

— Disclaimer: I have never played a warrior. Don’t know rotations, etc. Watch for educational purposes on what you might expect to see in the game. Ignore my poor performance and noob-clickery =)
No need to comment on something I already know. So watch at your own discretion.


1. The Mysterious Raven3. Odyn and the Valarjar
2. Challenge of Valor4. Weapons of Legend
5. Legacy of the Icebreaker (Protection)5. Hunter of Heroes (Fury)5. The Sword of Kings (Arms)
6. The Forgening8. The Eye of Odyn
7. The Forge of Odyn9. Thus Begins the War
Class Artifacts Questlines


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