DC Comics released the digital download version of World of Warcraft # 13 comic book, available now at the Comixology Store for $2.99.

In this issue, Alliance hero King Varian Wrynn returns to Theramore isle to prepare for his invasion into Onyxia’s Lair. His main goal: to rescue his son Prince Anduin. It’s revealed that Onyxia used dark magic to split King Varian Wrynn into two halves: a passive-and-easily-controlled version, and the Lo’Gosh persona who was found in the shores of Durotar by the Horde.

By fate, both halves become one once more, with the Lo’Gosh persona being the dominant personality. This issue will help Alliance players figure out Varian’s strange and cocky behavior.

Plot Summary

It’s off to Theramore island as our heroes must resolve the damage done by the evil usurper of the throne.


Cover: Samwise Didier, Ludo Lullabi
Writer: Walter Simonson
Pencils: Michael Bowden
Inks: Mark Irwin, Jerome Moore, Phil Moy, Trevor Scott, Andy Smith

Digital Release Date
: February 9, 2011
Publish Date: November 19, 2008