Blizzard Entertainment updated the Blizzard Store making the World of Warcraft Mount: Winged Guardian available as a digital download. First, make sure to login into your account (including the Blizzard Authenticator if you attached one). Then go to the download page (United States) (Europe).

If this is the first time you are purchasing in the Blizzard Store, have your credit card at hand before you start the order process. Once you hit the ADD TO CART button, you will be forwarded to a waiting list [similar to the BlizzCon order page] to join a queue. Don’t be fooled by the “Remaining Time” countdown. It will take a few minutes to give you access to the order process. Stay on your seat waiting until it does.

There seems to be a limited allocation of Winged Guardian mounts available today, so be sharp an order ASAP. By the time I joined the queue, there was a 99% stock remaining. In United States, while the winged mount costs $25.00, you will be charged an additional $2.22 tax (this might or not vary from state to state).

Mount Features

    After you purchase the Winged Guardian, you’ll receive a code that can then be redeemed on any North American World of Warcraft license via Account Management. North American licenses include realms serving players in United States, Canada, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand. This mount code can be emailed to a friend as a gift, or—if you would rather redeem the pet code yourself—automatically filled in for you in Account Management.

    Once activated, this World of Warcraft in-game mount code applies to all present and future characters on a single World of Warcraft license. If you wish to purchase the pet for multiple different World of Warcraft licenses merged with the same account, you will need to buy a separate pet for each World of Warcraft license individually.

    The full Pet Store FAQ can be found here.

Order Process


Video shows different angles of the Winged Guardian Mount as I fly and ride around Orgrimmar. The video is available in different resolutions: 240, 360, 480, 720 HD, and 1080 HD