Ion: We also have a second Raid. This one’s going to be coming a little bit later on, but this raid is called the Crucible of Storms. It’s a two boss raid that’s actually nestled underneath the Shrine of the Storm in Stormsong Valley.

And begins to hint at some of the dark secrets behind the K’thir, the influence of Queen Azshara, and more that aligns players– in particular, have begun to uncover there; but that we’re going to need to deal with, we’re going to need to contend with after we’ve stamped out the corruption of G’huun on Zandalar. Kul Tiras has more than a few problems of its own, and so this is going to serve the role of sort of the Trial of Valor-type raid.

The thought is that this will be available decently after Siege of Zuldazar. We know. We don’t want to overload players with too much raid contents. I know people right now are probably hearing this and thinking… “but we are not even halfway through Uldir.

But don’t worry. We’re going to… as we did in Legion… we want to make sure they’re continuing a steady stream of content, the release of which we pace out so that you’re not overwhelmed; but also not feeling like you’re waiting too long for the next thing.

And we will have supporting world content and a questline. So around the time this raid opens, there’ll be other Naga invasions and Naga-themed world quests around the shores and coastlines of the new continents; and we want to make sure that everyone understands why they’re going into this place. Especially, Horde players who may lack the context of having played through Stormsong Valley themselves. So tons of exciting new raid content coming next in Tides of Vengeance.


Crucible of Storms


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