Ion: Now Heritage Armor. So thus far, Heritage Armor has been a reward for Allied Races, but what if– you know… we have heard from a number of players that it’s awesome having this set of Transmog Gear that really feels like it expresses your racial identity.

And it’s amazing to see the Void Elves, the Mag’har Orcs, and others have this suit of armor that’s crafted just for them. Well, what if some other races could get that too? And so we’re happy to introduce a couple of questlines in Tides of Vengeance that will allow initially dwarves and blood elves to explore their racial heritage and earn a suit of armor custom-made for them that they can show off to the world.

Don’t worry, there’s no massive Reputation grind or anything behind this. This is just if you were a max level character, and if you are Exalted with your own capital city which is a relatively easily attainable rep. So if you’re a dwarf, you are exalted with Ironforge, you can just log in, jump right into this questline and delve into a bit of your history, and earn this reward to show off.

We’re just doing these first two races for now, but this is something we look to continue to build on– just as we are with Allied Races; because I think racial identity is a really important aspect of World of Warcraft, and anything we can do to strengthen the connection that people feel with their characters is something we’re excited about.

And there are amazing stories to explore. Like on the Blood Elf side, for example, the massive Dead Scar that runs up and down the land towards Silvermoon… not many players may know that that was actually the result of a Scourge invasion led by the Lich King himself; but we’ll be able to delve back into those events, relive a bit of that story as blood elves come to understand how they ended up where they are, and what it means to be a blood elf.


Heritage Armor


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