Ion: We also have a new Warfront. As I mentioned, the Alliance suffered some heavy blows, and the initial events of Battle for Azeroth; but now it’s time for them to strike back. And so, this is actually going to be the night elven forces and the Alliance as a whole looking to retake Darkshore, looking to re-establish a foothold in Kalimdor, within striking distance of Orgrimmar, looking to reclaim their ancestral homelands.

Now this Warfront is going to really be very heavily themed around Night Elves versus Forsaken; and so that means new structures, new upgrades, new systems… you can construct and summon in large Ancients of War, and Ballistas, and the full range of units that you would expect in the traditional Warcraft III style for Night Elves and Forsaken to muster.

Now of course there are going to be Horde and Alliance participants as well, but this is a very different look on– a very different take on the Warfront experience. And of course, given the structure, this is going to be one that Alliance starts out… attacking at the very start, because these lands are by default held by the Horde.

So when this update comes out, the Alliance will be able to jump right into donating, going in, getting access to all the loot that’s involved in the warfront experience. And just as we did with Arathi Highlands, we’re also going to be updating the outdoor zone of Darkshore as a max level experience that will have quests, and rares, and events, and things to do for the faction in particular that controls the zone at the time.

So that it means something to know that your faction controls the area, and even if you don’t have the Warfront at the time, you have access to this outdoor content there. Now Warfronts, obviously, a new type of feature, a new type of content we’ve introduced in Battle for Azeroth, we’re of course continuing to expand as well upon Islands.




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