Coming this December 9, there won’t be a World of Warcraft # 26.  Something big will happen on November’s issue # 25 and in this World of Warcraft Special # 1.  And it is no surprise.  Wildstorm announced at the San Diego Comic Con that two new comics will launch on January: an Alliance title and a Horde title.

Two World of Warcraft comic book titles is awesome-awesome on my book.  The front cover is a simple one, but rises many questions to Horde players.  Will that seriously happen?  Is that Thrall, or is that someone else? That cover will seriously spawn many speculations. My teaser has my own version of what it might mean—but it’s not an absolute. Don’t blame my imagination.  An image is worth a thousand words, and this front cover by Jon Buran, left me speechless. Subscribe to the World of Warcraft comics here.  The Trade Paperback collecting issues # 1-7 here.


Kicking off a bold new direction for World of Warcraft comics! Algalon will be the judge! This special issue of WORLD OF WARCRAFT introduces new Horde and Alliance characters not yet seen in the ongoing series. Discover, through the eyes of The Observer himself, if the inhabitants of Azeroth are worthy of survival – or will they inevitably meet certain doom?

Written by: Mike Costa
Art by: Pop Mhan
Cover by: Jon Buran
Variant cover by: Pop Mhan

ONE-SHOT – On sale December 9 – 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US