Once all the three bosses are killed and all three altars clicked on, the bridge will rotate in proper place granting you access to the last boss: Gal’darah (High Prophet of Akali). You will find a Drakkari Rhino and a Drakkari Battle Rider mounting it. Kill the Rhino first, then its master. There are four single pulls of Rhinos.

The boss Gal’darah has a few abilities you should be very watchful about. The first one to be careful of is his whirlwind. He will move a bit around attempting to hit nearby melee players. Simply run away at least 20 yards, then get back to him once whirlwind is over.

This whirlwind debuffs melee players hit and causes big damage over time. The tank in specific will probably have a second debuff on top of the one acquired from the whirlwind which is almost a certain death. In the video the tank got these two debuffs and I couldn’t heal him in time. The damage taken from the debuffs was such. As you will see in the video, after the whirlwind the healer (me) got some kind of knockback that interrupted the healing on the tank—who died.

At 50% health, Gal’darah transforms into a Rhino. It is interesting to see players impaled on the horn for a few seconds, then tossed away like ragdolls. Thankfully, the druid reacted later on and resurrected the Death Knight tank in combat for a nice comeback without wiping.  However, you can see again during whirlwind that the Death Knight got two debuffs again, and right after Whirlwind the boss once more knocked back the healer when attempting to heal the tank through. The healer will have to spam heals on the tank as soon as the whirlwind starts to compensate for the knockback.  And the tank will have to be quicker moving away from the whirlwind. Gun’drak and its four bosses are a fun experience overall. Can’t wait to try out Heroic-mode.


Drakkari Colossus

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