Non-instanced pvp
Siege vehicle combat
Air combatDestructible buildngs

The demolisher
– Baseline for all siege damage
– Long range
– Driver & 3 passengers
– Passengers can cast spells while the vehicle is moving

Forsaken Catapult
– Most agile
– Limited range
– Driver Only
– Lowest damage
– Lowest cost

Flying Machine
– Flying Vehicle
– Swif
– Fragile
– Vulnerable to Anti-air

Goblin Shredder
– Anti-air rockets
– Personal Armor Suit
– Close-range melee attack
– Designed to counter planes
– Vulnerable to siege damage

Northrend Arenas
– Keep it simple
– Simple still leaves room to innovate
– Dynamic Area of Interest
– Unique starting areas/events
– Room to grow

Dalaran Arena
– Located in the sewers of Dalaran city
– Dynamic LOS
– Simple layout

For example if a pillar is used as Line of Sight (LOS) to hide, the next three seconds that pillar may magically move to elsewhere, leaving you vulnerable to attack. You can move away to hide in a new spot.

– Mounts will not be usable here

Orgrimmar Arena
– Located in the Orgrimmar arena in the valley of Heroes
– Elevating pillars reate LOS
– Triggered objects that damage players( Spikes)
– Extremely close starting areas

Northrend Batteground Blockout

This looks like Booty bay world pvp from the old times with two boats on the coast and three buildings with higher ground to reach through ramps.