Alex Ziebart informed the community that WoW Insider is disassembled. Odd choice of words, except to Avengers fans. The WoW Insider Team is definitely a team of heroes who write informative and funny articles since 2005. I have been around the Blizzard community since 2001, and I got to admit most of the times I would check WoW Insider before my own email inbox, and the first URL I would visit after turning my computer on.

It’s hard to grasp that tomorrow and thereafter, there won’t be new WoW Insider updates. The staff hasn’t been verbal on the front page on what’s going on. However, they invite fans to check their Twiter accounts on February 3.

Will the staff get together to form a new site? It is definitely hard to tell. AOL was backing up WoW Insider on the business side. The writers were paid, to my knowledge.

WoW Insider will be very missed. Personally, the Know Your Lore section by Anne Stickney and the WoW Insider Weekly Recap by TradeChat. There were other article sections of interest. Really hope the team comes together at a new home. At least, Alex’s cryptic message seems to indicate the crew might rise from the ashes of WoW Insider somewhere else.

Alex: “What comes next for our intrepid crew? You’ll find out soon, but not here. Follow us on Twitter and keep that date, February 3, close in mind.”

Otherwise, I thank all the writers who served WoW Insider giving the community an awesome daily experience; and wish they can find a new home and grow career-wise. Stay tuned February 3.

WoW Insider Says Goodybye to the Community