ZOMGah !!! Blizzard Entertainment recently added the Tankard O’ Terror item to the Brewfest World Event.  It drops from Coren Direbrew in Blackrock Depths.  Taverncraft, a subsidiary of 3Point Entertainment (as in the WoW Steins), is producing the Tankard O’ Terror Scale Replica on sale for $ 39.99 (US).

Just don’t go crazy, smacking the Tankard O’ Terror or someone’s noggin’ IRL.


Unique Brewfest Tankard Is Scale Replica of In-Game Item

SAN DIEGO, CA (September 22, 2009)—Taverncraft, a subsidiary of 3 Point Entertainment LLC, today announced they are producing the Tankard O’ Terror, a special tankard based on the featured item available in Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft® during the annual Brewfest in-game event.  The new tankard is an exact scaled-up replica of the in-game version. Taverncraft is now accepting pre-orders for mid-November shipment for the holidays.

“The Tankard O’ Terror is truly massive in size, weight and capacity, and will be a lot of fun for World of Warcraft enthusiasts,” said Jerry Bennington, president of 3 Point Entertainment. “There’s never been anything quite like it, and I’m confident players will enjoy using their tankards to celebrate alongside their in-game characters.”

The Tankard O’ Terror is the first release in the Replica Collection series of World of Warcraft steins and tankards. Taverncraft’s previous releases include the high-quality World of Warcraft steins Blood of the Horde, Alliance United, Rise of the Lich King and Charge of the Great Dragonflights.

The Tankard O’ Terror is the largest tankard or stein Taverncraft has offered to date.  The special tankard weighs over 4 lbs (1.8 kgms), has nearly a two-liter (half gallon) capacity and stands 9 and three quarters” (24.8 cm) tall.  Made from superior-quality fine-grain stoneware, the Tankard O’ Terror is currently available to pre-order at http://www.wowsteins.com for a retail price of $39.99.

From September 20 through October 3, World of Warcraft players around the globe celebrate Brewfest, an annual online event where, via in-game characters, they participate in fun events, and earn prizes, which include an in-game Tankard O’Terror.  This year marks the third annual Brewfest event Blizzard Entertainment has hosted in World of Warcraft.