Legion Theory : The Artifacts part Two


Welcome again for a new edition of my Legion theories for the Artifacts, this week I’ll show you the ones I could think of for Rogues, Priests and Death Knights. If you miss the first part from last week, I suggest you to check it out!

WARNING: You are about to enter in the SPOILER ZONE. In this area, the events of the expansion will be put forward, a huge part of this article is based on quotes from developers during the presentation of Legion and with also some personal speculation. If you want to have the full surprise when the time comes, please wait outside 😀

  • Assassination - Combat - Subtlety 

    Maybe the class that demand the most imagination effort, rogues are among the least played class on Warcraft  *dodge tomatoes*. The only rogue that is know to players is Garona who you might have encounter during the events of Cataclysm when she was tracking Cho'gall or more recently during Warlords of Draenor when during a time she was under Gul'dan control before becoming an elite member of your Garrison.
    There is a weapon that could be reworked for Legion, it's her dagger Kingsbane that she used during the siege of Stormwind during the 1st War to kill Varian's father.u


    Will Garona give some advices or gadgets to the rogues?

    It's also possible that rogues will benefit from some class accessories depending of their skills (a bag full of poisons for Assassinations or multiple daggers for Combat, etc..)

  • Holy & Discipline


    Fearbreaker in the hands of Baine

    I suggest Fearbreaker, a Bronzebeard heritage that was in Magni's family for generation until he gave it to Anduin just before the events of Cataclysm. This mace has tasted blood in certain hands, but was also known to hea. Later Anduin give it to Bain Bloodhoof, but he had to give it back when Garrosh decides to attack Theramore before Mists of Pandaria.
    You might ask why a better known weapons such as Benediction is not listed? Well Blizzard already confirmed that they will look more "legendary" weapons.


    In Warcraft's lore, there is few priests that can pretend themselves as "heroes" while using Shadows. However there is a cult that preaches Shadow as necessary for the universe to be in balance, this is the Cult of the Forgotten Shadow.

    The Forgotten Shadow is a corrupted reinterpretation of the beliefs and traditions practiced by the Holy Light, and is the religion of the Forsaken. The religion of those who follow and use the shadow is called the Cult of Forgotten Shadow. It is a religion of divine humanism.


    Besides the Forsaken, another race is using the Shadow in his own way in several rituals that some consider sadistic, I'm speaking of the Shadow Hunters, among them is the current Warchief of the Horde, Vol'jin. This could be an interesting way since most of current knowed weapons have their origines from the Alliance (or humans).

  • Blood

    Available on the Legion official website, the artifact for Death Knight using Blood will be Gorelix the Fleshripper. Little informations about him except that a demon named Gorlix is its current wearer, it is possible that the Death Knights came to meet that demon during the event on the Broken Shores.
    For eons, the demon known as Gorelix the Fleshripper used this massive axe to steal the life force of his enemies and replenish his own. The Maw will bleed dry anything it touches—eating is all it knows.
    Maw of the Damned 1

    Upgrade version of the Maw of the Damned

    Gueule du Damnée 2

    Botani version of the Maw of the Damned

    Maw of the Damned 3

    Scythe version of the Maw of the Damned


    Also showed during GamesCom 2015, Icebringer and Soulreaper are two blades forged from the remnants of Frostmourne. The Death Knights will get involved at the foot of the Icecrown Citadel to collect the fragments of the Lich King's sword.

    IceBringer and Soulreaper

    The different versions of Icebringer and Soulreaper


    Only available in the press kit under the name Soulrend, we have no informations about the artifact for the Unholy specialization. Personally I think it would be a two-handed blade that Death Knight would recover in Undercity or Icecrown and infuse it with the plague of the Grand Apothecary Putress, one that could easily killed both the living and the undeads.


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