Maloof: So we are going bring you up to speed. When last we were in World of Warcraft, we had Gul’dan escaping through a portal into Azeroth, and now he is leading the demons of the Burning Legion in an all-out assault on Azeroth and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Moderator: And Illidan plays a pretty big part of that, as well, right?

Maloof: He does. You are going to experience Illidan’s story. We have got a great deal of his backstory that you get to play through, for instance; and we really wanted to focus on rivalries. So for instance, during the demon hunter intro questing you get to see Gul’dan, and his demons, and the traitorous Cordana Felsong break into the Vault of the Wardens, where Maiev stored the demon hunters away — including Illidan’s corpse after he was defeated at the Black Temple… and Gul’dan for whatever reason steals away with his body.

Moderator: NO SPOILERS!

Maloof: Yeah!

Barriga: There is a really really good reason.

(Developers laugh)

Moderator: What about the tensions going on between the Alliance and the Horde? Having played through the Broken Shore, it seems like the Alliance are not too happy with Sylvanas right now.

Maloof: They are not. I think the tensions couldn’t be higher between them, to be honest. Especially, if you look at the rivalry between her and Genn Greymane. Genn is really pushing how she betrayed the Alliance on the Broken Shore.



Barriga: One of the things that is really rad about that story is there is not a good versus evil thing. You play as an Alliance player, and you are out for blood after that scenario. You play as a Horde player, and you are like: “We did what we had to do,” and it’s awesome just watching people get two sides of the story and just get rallied up and just ready to go at it.

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