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Moderator: We are talking a lot about Order Halls and the sort of shared space for your class and everything you can do in there; but there is a lot going out in the world as well. There is the World Quest System. If you haven’t reached level 110 yet, I think they can explain it a little bit. Walk us through what World Quests are.



Stockton: Yeah, for sure. We are super super hyped about World Quests, because it is really a chance to get players out in the world to do content once they hit max level, but in a whole new way. I’m sure you all have probably done daily quests before, random daily quests, stuff like that. This is really an evolution of that system in a whole new way. It is completely dynamic, it works across the entire continent. So it is not like we just took a certain area and: “OK, we will put max level stuff in here.” It is not like that. The entire world can scale now. We can put this content anywhere. So the idea is, every time you login to the game, you are going to have something new to do, and in many cases you are going to go a long time before you ever see that same thing again.

So number one, it’s fresh, it’s new stuff, but it is also rewarding. The whole way. We want to make sure that when you are doing this, it feels great. So we have got rewards that scale with you, you can do it with a different number of players, so you can solo this stuff, but it scales all the way up to raid level stuff, where you can do a world boss with 50-60 other people; and this is all happening in the outdoor space.

Barriga: What is cool to it is that it reinforces the theme in the expansion that we are not heavily focused on one playstyle; just like we have done with the crafting system, and we have done to the PvP system, World Quests also offer stuff for multiple types of players. We have World Quests that are centered around PvP, we have Pet Battle World Quests, we have Crafting World Quests, Solo World Quests, Group World Quests, Raid World Quests, etc.

Maloof: And like Cory mentioned earlier, about level scaling tech, one of the great things that it allow us to do is — you see, in previous expansions we would have had to set aside special areas in the world just for particular pieces of high-level content. With the level scaling content, we can actually have you go back to places even where you were leveling up, bring a story forward in a fresh new way, and allow you to utilize the entirety of the Broken Isles — instead of specific places once you hit top level.

Stockton: It fits really great with our concept of a non-linear leveling experience. This is the first expansion where we have ever had this concept that when you come into the game, you can pick any of four different zones, you can play them in the order you want, you can hop in between. So it probably means that by the time you reach max level you are not going to see every zone in detail. A system like this, gives us a chance to drive you there to new content in these ways.

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