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Moderator: Moving on, let’s talk about about the Class Order Halls. For people who may not be aware, these are kinda a shared space that all of the members of your class can kinda hang out in; but there is a lot more to it than just a hang out space. Right? There is actually a lot of stuff that you can do there.



Stockton: Yeah, for sure. Anyone that played Warlords of Draenor, obviously understands what Garrisons were. Garrisons was a huge feature there. We liked a lot about what worked out with Garrisons, and we wanted to take some of that forward to parts that we thought worked. We wanted to modify it and move it forward into a new way. Part of that has helped us end up where we are with the Class Order Halls.

You can collect a series of champions, and you can send these champions out on missions. It’s a little bit of a different system than what we had in Warlords of Draenor, and it is way more focused on these champions actually mattering to you, instead of having a huge number of them, we wanted a smaller number that were actually important, they were meaninful characters, and we can build some stories around them; and instead of just sending them out into a mission, you can actually take them with you out into the zones, they can help you, you can choose which one you want to take; so it has really opened up that entire sense of gameplay from what we had, into something that feels really fitting for this expansion.

Barriga: You mentioned story. What is really cool is that all of the Order Halls have their own campaign. So we know for a lot of players — they may not be getting into raiding, or end-game PvP, and so their end-game is to try a lot of alts. Those players are going to be really stoked to hear when they level up their mage and finish their campaign at max level — If they roll a priest, or warlock, they get their own very unique story. So every level up experience and end-game experience will be slightly different. Lots of stuff there for lots of different player types.


Maloof: Class Order Halls really feels like an evolution. The next logical step on Garrisons. Far more social. You are in there, you are leading, very iconic NPCs from your class such as Liadrin, and it is all seamlessly integrated into the level up questing and beyond level 110.

Stockton: A piece of feedback we got in over the years has been that our players have really had a drive and really wanted more individual class content. Over the years, we have done Class questlines; but nothing ever anything like this, where each class has the ultimate representation of a place in the world where you can go (like Eric said), and hang out with other people that are playing that class; and it really gives us the chance to make clean individual characters feel like a unique experience. So you can level up that priest, and you do want to play alt — you have a different flow of what you are going to do. You have different things, obviously, different artifacts, so I think it really offers a ton more content than we have ever been able to do.

Maloof: What is cool to us is the tone of these stories. For the rogue class campaign, you get like a little bit of a spy-thriller feel. For the paladins, you are doing pretty much righteous things, and for warlocks maybe not so much… What?


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