Suramar Update

Moderator: We saw on the video that there is a bunch of stuff happening in Suramar. Because it is kinda an area that doesn’t really unlock until level 110, I feel like a lot of people might not be too familiar with what is actually happening around Suramar right now. Could you give us a quick intro to be everybody up to speed?



Maloof: When you hit level 110, you are going to be into the area of Suramar. This is a land that is dominated by the Nightborne and they are Felsworn. They are kinda in league with the Legion; and they are allowing Gul’dan to use the Nightwell and its immense power to further their ends. So what you are doing is, as a player you are helping the rebels: the Nightfallen, against them, and things aren’t going so well.

At the beginning, when we continue the campaign in Patch 7.1, you really go on the offensive with the Nightfallen and take the fight directly to Grand Magistrix Elisande and the Legion — to the Nightwell.



Barriga: One of the things that is really cool about that is it is set up as an episodic content (sort of way), so there is going to be weekly quests for you available throughout the patch.

Stockton: I think it is like 9 Weeks, right?

Barriga: Yea!

Stockton: That is a lot of content.

Barriga: We are already seeing fans going on like: “OMG, Suramar is the best zone ever in the game. Ever!” — and we added the final chapter to it. It kinda plays out to the idea that: “Hey, this patch is not just a Raid. Or it is not just a dungeon. But when we do patches, we are going to try to give to different types of players different playstyles, and not literally something for everybody; but there is some good chance there is going to be something in a patch that you can look forward to and play.



Stockton: And a lot of this content is pretty far along. This is not on PTR yet, but I believe this is going to be on PTR sometime in the next — maybe — week or two weeks. It will all be up and ready for play, and so we can start getting feedback on it right away.

Barriga: So not Blizzard Soon(TM). Actually, SOON!

Stockton: Actually SOON! Yea.

Maloof: Yeah! (Smiles)

Stockton: No (TM).

Barriga: No (TM). (long silence) We are going to get fired for that.

(Everyone laughs)

Moderator: I heard someone from Community is listening, so… yup. There is going to be a lot more to get into on Patch 7.1. That will hit the PTR which is “Soon” without the (TM). Right now, we will have a little of a time left, so we can go ahead and start taking some questions.

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