If you watched the entirety of the latest 8.2.5 cinematics and cutscenes, you are now aware that Sylvanas basically ditched the Forsaken and left Orgrimmar.

It was revealed that Azshara and Sylvanas had a secret pact. However, Sylvanas is not serving N’zoth. Instead, Sylvanas sees N’zoth as a tool for her own agenda. She knows that the Alliance and the Horde will fight N’zoth, and she expects all of them to die to serve Sylvanas in death. In fact, she plans for N’zoth to serve her in death as well.


Something truly powerful and mysterious is going on here. For the first time in a very long time, Blizzard Entertainment has left fans unable to predict what happens next. We didn’t see it coming in 8.2.5; and certainly we no longer know exactly what’s happening before the next expansion, and in the next expansion. We do have an idea based on some pseudo-leaks, and some hints or puzzle pieces revealed throughout the war campaign since the BFA launch.

I have speculated one of those puzzle pieces in two of my articles: “Speculation: Playable Undead Races Beyond Humans?” and “Speculation: Forsaken Character Customization.”

We know that Sylvanas wants all Life terminated, and to reign an Azeroth of the Dead. A new world order where none shall endure the agony of the realm she woke up in after her suicide at the bottom of the Icecrown Citadel. In a sense, she wants to do good in an evil way; and she doesn’t want to be alone.

The question is, if the master she is serving isn’t N’zoth… then who? What was her pact with Helya? We haven’t learned what that was either since early World of Warcraft: Legion.

One thing seems clear now that Sylvanas abandoned the Forsaken, and has focused into preparing her endgame plan. If Sylvanas is to conquer Azeroth and claim the dead fallen at N’zoth’s feet, she has one more obstacle to tackle. Sylvanas needs to take her army to Icecrown Citadel to kill Bolvar Fordragon the Lich King. There is no room for two armies of the dead.

And that, my friends, falls right into the theme I speculated on a few months ago. Bolvar will need to seek the help of the living in order to prevent the Scourge from running rampant throughout Azeroth. Worse yet, to prevent the Scourge from being controlled by Sylvanas.

The fact that the Forsaken played their weapons in unison honoring Saurfang’s sacrifice, after listening their leader renounce them, tells us that the Forsaken are now willing to follow Thrall and even the Alliance. How else would the Forsaken have allowed Anduin and Jaina enter Orgrimmar without conflict?

That also enters into the theme I speculated on. All the puzzle pieces are falling into place. The way I envision it is that now that factions are no more, we might see Horde races join the Alliance, and Alliance races join the Horde.

We might see Forsaken and possibly Bolvar’s forces join the Alliance.

Something intriguing in one of the cutscenes is that players have the choice to join Sylvanas after the Mak’gora scene.

What will be the prize of the player for choosing to follow and carry out Sylvanas’ plan post N’zoth’s battle? Will she grant players the choice to … become undead?

Will a Tauren player unlock the Undead Tauren skin?

Will a Troll player unlock the Undead Troll skin?

Will a Blood Elf player unlock the Undead Blood Elf skin?

Will a Dwarf player unlock the Undead Dwarf skin?

Will a Gnome player unlock the Leper Gnome skin?

Will a Worgen player unlock the Undead Worgen skin?

I think you see where I am going here.

Blizzard Entertainment is playing a very intriguing concept right before our eyes in slow motion. We have seen it coming. Kul Tiran pirates with Horde tabards in the Horde incursions in Tiragarde Sound. Undead Calia and Jaina’s brother joining the Alliance.

Horde and Alliance uniting to battle for Azeroth against any who would dare to harm this world. No factions. It’s been right there in front of us. Something is coming. Blizzard is going to take our breath away with whatever multiple plans they have set in motion in BFA.

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