During a Forbes interview Blizzard CEO J. Allen Brack hinted the World of Warcraft engine built for World of Warcraft Classic could be used to develop other MMOs, but specifically other type of World of Warcraft games.

This is quitely interesting, because Blizzard could actually create alternate worlds of World of Warcraft, or even set in other time periods. Think of it as a whole game based on the War of the Ancients time or shortly after the Sundering. What kind of world would that be storywise? Instead of a Caverns of Time dungeon, think of a MMO based on a particular time in Warcraft history.

Technically, the new technology built for the World of Warcraft Classic can also be used for a Overwatch MMO or a StarCraft MMO. It does have its challenges, but J. Allen Brack doesn’t rule it out. Read this exchange and make your own conclusions:

Newman: A side question related to WoW: Classic. You’ve now essentially made Warcraft an engine. You’ve fed the assets and NPCs and textures and everything else from Classic in an altered state, a compatible state, into the current engine. That appears to open the door to Warcraft as an engine for other types of IP, turning those properties into MMOs. Is this a direction that you could see the company going in?

Brack: Awesome question. Awesomely huge question. For what’s called the WoW technology stack: It is excellent, and has been custom designed to do great for what we imagine as World of Warcraft today. And so the idea is that we would take that and then morph it into some kind of technology stack that was for the next Overwatch thing, or the next StarCraft thing.

Newman: A StarCraft MMO?

Brack: Seems like that would be a difficult challenge. What I’m more excited about, with what we do have, what we are able to do, is thinking about different versions of WoW that we now can support. Right, we’ve kind of got this modern WoW, and we’ve got this other version of WoW called WoW: Classic. What does that enable us to do, going forward?

Source: Forbes


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